Sunday, November 24, 2013

The shocking truth!

Norway is a great country to live in for women. Probably one of the best in the World....
We can go to any school we like, join the army without discrimination, have the job we like, and earn the same salary as men for the same job. We get a lot of support from the government if we has to raise our child as a single parent, and we can speak as we want, wear bikini when it's hot, and off course drive a car!
Our Prime Minister is a woman, we have female priests, and if you are in love with another female, you can join partnership with her legally. 

UN Women published this auto-complete suggestions, if you seach on Google for things woman should'n, or woman can't. 
Is this really how the world things about women??
The test is real, and I'm horrified!!!

Please share this....

Nina. A lucky female, single mother of 3, owns my own company, has 2 cars and free of speech.


  1. har postet dette på min blogg samtidig som eg fant det innelegget du publiserte av mammaen til Tooji. Var helt sjokkert og testet ut google. men en annen testet etter meg og fant women can do anything man can do and do it in 5 inch heels!!

  2. I got duck skin while reading it.. What so shocking me most, is the fact that also in Europe women very often are without rights, but noone speaks about it.. Hugs, Ewa


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